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Pharmacies in Australia are permitted to order and dispense unregistered cannabis medicines if they possess the necessary TGA and State Health approvals and a valid prescription.

The most common TGA approval letter will be a SAS B approval, while Authorised Prescribers who are authorised to prescribe certain product categories will provide their product or category approval letter in conjunction with a valid prescription.

Dispensing medicinal cannabis is subject to certain conditions and criteria that differ from those for registered medications. Therefore, pharmacies need to keep these in mind while dispensing medicinal cannabis. However, our Medical Team is available to provide guidance and answer any questions that pharmacies may have regarding the dispensing of medicinal cannabis, as well as to assist in navigating the varied State regulations.

The availability of unregistered cannabis medicines for dispensing by pharmacies represents a significant advancement in the use of medical cannabis in Australia. By making these medicines available, patients now have greater access to a range of treatment options that may potentially improve their quality of life. Overall, the role of pharmacies in dispensing medicinal cannabis is critical in improving patient outcomes, and our Medical Team’s dedication to providing guidance and assistance is an important aspect of ensuring that this process runs smoothly.

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